Success Stories


Don is the next client we’d like to introduce you to. About a year ago Don went to his doctor where he weighed in at 466lbs! After already losing a friend to morbid obesity Don realized he was heading down that path but didn’t want to have the same fate. It was time for him to turn his life around and do something about it…

He began searching for an eating program that he could follow however, nothing seemed to be catching his eye. One day while at work his coworker Joz (who also works for us here at WTF) told Don about a low glycemic diet that WTF Chef offers and how it would help give him the results that he needed. After going home to discuss with his wife and doing a little research of his own he decided to get started with the meals.

A normal diet for Don used to include Jim’s Steakout, pizza and pretty much anything and everything unhealthy. He referred to himself as a garbage truck as would eat endless amounts of everything. Once beginning the low glycemic diet he found himself eating a well balanced diet and sticking to it. The guys at his job all sit down together for a meal as part of their camaraderie however, Don says he was ripped on for a while for not participating but will still eat a piece of pizza with them here and there. His cheat days include Chinese food and italian so he can still satisfy those cravings. 

In about a year since beginning his new way of life Don has lost a total of 66lbs! He went from a 5-6xl to a 3xl, his work uniform fits better and so do his everyday clothes. He says the little things such as walking upstairs with laundry used to feel like a marathon and now it’s just an everyday chore. Tying his shoes used to leave him winded and now it’s not nearly as strenuous as it used to be. He gets up in the morning feeling lighter and has a lot more energy than he used to. Don’s goal is to get down to his high school weight of 260lbs. He has plateaued as of lately however, he knows his weight loss will pick up again and he’s not stopping anytime soon. 

Don’s story is the perfect example for those of you who don’t have the time or preferably don’t want to work out that with a healthy diet you can still get results. Keep up the great work Don we’re excited to see your “after” photo at 260lbs!



We’d like to introduce Corey, WTF Gym's client of the month for June. Corey has been practicing karate for 17 years so he has always been active and fit. He was also really tall and thin. Wishing to gain muscle, Corey decided to join the gym last November. Looking to get the most out of his membership, he posted to our Facebook page inquiring about personal training. Our personal trainer, Taylor reached out to take him on as a client. Little did Corey realize what he was getting himself into with Taylor’s crazy fun self.

Corey’s goals were to gain weight but he says he didn’t expect as much as he got out of the personal training sessions. Taylor put Corey on a 3,000 calorie a day diet, she gave him workouts to do at home and he has been weight training 4-5 days a week. Mondays and Thursdays he attends Taylor’s Core Crusher class and hasn’t missed a day since he began 8 months ago. Every morning he wakes up at 330am and does his pushups, sit ups, burpees and more before work.

Taylor says “Corey is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever seen in my life. He pushes himself and he’s extremely motivated. He inspires me.” She uses him as her guinea pig to try out new things and he’s always up for the challenge. In the past 8 months he has doubled if not tripled what he could originally lift. His biggest improvement is his squat and sometimes ends his training sessions with karate moves.

With karate, a physical job and being a first responder for the Bellevue Fire Company being fit is necessary for Corey. Since November 2016 he has gained 20lbs of muscle. He feels healthier, stronger and has so much more energy. Congrats Corey! Keep up the great work!




I have been eating WTF food for over a year now. I started eating this way, mainly for the anti-inflammatory properties. My knee feels much better and I noticed my entire body feels great ! I also lost 25 pounds. I'm at my goal weight and I still eat WTF's breakfasts and dinners for the convenience. I find the staff very helpful and courteous. As long as I text ahead, my food is ready and I'm in and out quite quickly. The staff and Chef Pat are always available for questions.



WTF Chef’s client of the month for May is the lovely Rebecca. In 2013 Rebecca had spinal fusion surgery that didn’t go as well as planned. The surgery resulted in permanent nerve damage, which left her unable to workout because of the pain she was experiencing. Overall she thought she was still eating healthy and making good choices. She would eat endless amounts of fruit and when visiting restaurants she would order salads. Her daily treat to herself was a ½ bag of m&m’s which didn’t seem so bad since she wasn’t eating the whole bag. Since the surgery and still unable to do exercise of any kind she soon became overweight. Her last doctors appointment included the words high cholesterol and high triglycerides.

Looking to change her diet, Rebecca experimented with all the weight loss programs out there. She tried Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, Advocare, diet pills and more. They were all either really expensive, took way too much time out of her day or the food & shakes they offered wasn’t satisfying her taste. Her doctor then referred her to a nutritionist who put her on an eating plan that caused her to gain 7lbs. Feeling discouraged and defeated she went back to eating normally with no plan in place.

In November of 2015 Channel 7 aired a segment about WTF Chef that caught Rebecca’s attention. However, assuming it was more for body builders, she stored it in her memory bank and it sat there for a while. Fast forward to April 2016 when she discovered a coworker was eating low glycemic meals and she realized someone like her could eat meal prep too.

She knew she was at a point she needed to do something for her health so she ordered her first week of meals from us. A friend commented about her yo yo dieting plans and didn’t think this one would work either. Rebecca was about to prove that friend very wrong! As she took on this new lifestyle of eating she learned about all the hidden sugars in the food she was consuming. She discovered all her fruit, salad dressings & condiments such as barbeque sauce had the “phantom” sugars she didn’t even realize were there. She traded in those sugar loaded peanut m&m’s she loved so much for Blue Diamond Almonds covered in dark chocolate. Over time, still not able to exercise, Rebecca lost 40lbs! And then the dreaded plateau happened…

Week after week she was still getting the meals but not losing any weight. With high expectations to lose more but ready to stop ordering meals, Chef Pat’s words of encouragement helped her decide she wasn’t giving up that easily. She reset her mind and continued with the low glycemic eating plan.

The best part about losing weight is that you can also treat yourself once in a while. To celebrate 50lbs down she took her family to Original Pancake House and ordered a delicious dutch baby! She still indulges in sweets here and there. Recently she let herself have 2 cheat days during the week, one on Sunday and the other on Tuesday for her sons birthday. The key to her success was staying on track with her eating all the other days.

Rebecca’s willpower to not eat the junk food in her home that her sons consume she says is “Easy to resist…once your committed and you start seeing results, you want to make the right choices. It’s become my lifestyle” Although they don’t eat the meals or follow it exactly, Rebecca loves that she has the knowledge now to teach her boys what a healthy lifestyle looks like. The foods she once dreaded giving up are not even on her radar anymore and knows what to look for on a restaurant menu that will suit her. She described herself as someone who carried around a lot of negativity however, this new lease on life has given her attitude a positive spin. Rain or shine she goes on 15 minute walks with her dog twice a day which became a routine once she lost weight.

As of May 2017 at the age of 44 Rebecca lost a total of 4 dress sizes and 63.3lbs! (Only 5lbs away from her goal weight!) She says she can’t put into works how her weight loss changed her life. Her confidence boosted, she’s comfortable in her own skin, she gained positivity in her life and best of all it has made her a better mother to her two teenage sons, Matthew and Austin. For all of you out there with injuries who struggle with losing weight due to lack of exercise, Rebecca’s story is proof that with a healthy diet you can do it too!

Way to go Rebecca we’re glad to be apart of your journey! We’re rooting for ya to lose those last 5lbs. Good Luck!


WTF Gym's client of the month for May is a name most of you are familiar with around here. He’s one of the most dedicated people we’ve seen walk through these doors and pushes himself towards goals that would seem impossible to others. The guy has taken more selfies in our mirror than anyone else so we dubbed him our Official Selfie Instructor, it’s none other than Monu Iwankow!

Weighing in at 420lbs, Monu was constantly in pain. He suffered from gout which caused pain in his ankles and would take him 30 minutes each morning to get out of bed while waiting for the pain to subside. Tacos every night and pizza at least twice a week were a staple in his life. In April of 2016 Monu celebrated his 36th birthday where he fell 4 different times from his ankles giving out that weekend. It was then he knew it was time for a change…

Monu walked into WTF Gym on April 25, 2016 to begin his weight loss journey and hasn’t looked back. Melissa, a friend and Beach Body coach advised him to start off by setting goals. Monu’s first goal was to run the Turkey Trot in November 2016. Cutting out Tacos and pizza and eating a low glycemic diet was necessary to jump start the process. As time went on he went a stricter plan to limit his calories and portion food to lose even more weight. Working out 6 days a week for 45 minutes each morning and over an hour in the evenings, Monu made it a priority to trade in his nights at the bar for sweat sessions at the gym. Group classes, weight lifting, cardio and spending time in the sauna were now a daily routine. He was working harder than ever with the help of trainers, Jesse, Eugene & Mark. Jesse describes Monu as a “Trainers Dream” since he never complains and he’s so determined to do whatever it takes. He says “Monu is living the dream by gaining muscle and losing weight!”

With the guidance of a book titled The Miracle Morning and extra energy this healthy new lifestyle gave him, he began getting up 20 minutes before his alarm even went off. The half an hour painful mornings were no longer, as the symptoms of gout began to disappear. In November 2016 down almost 100lbs, Monu ran the Turkey Trot in a little over an hour. After that he ran the Shamrock run a few months later in under an hour.

He was not only starting to inspire ones around him but grew quite the following with the online community. When asked what keeps him going he says he’s put his story out there and if he slips up he would be letting down more than just himself. Recently he was having an “out of it” kind of week and a message letting him know how motivating he has been from a Louisianna man with a similar story got Monu back on track.

A catchy saying around the gym is “GET IT” which Monu describes as “IT is whatever you are trying to achieve in your life. It is different for everyone and I can’t tell you how to do IT. I can just tell you to GET IT” As of May 2017 Monu definitely GOT IT by losing 150lbs and went from a 5XL to XL. He says he has “no final goal” in mind as he feels that’s a finishing point, instead he sets 3-6 month goals and dedicates his days at the gym and eating healthy to achieve them. Monu is about to take on the Chicago Half Marathon this month and next up he will get down to 230lbs so he can go skydiving. Congratulations Monu on all your success! Thank you for showing us the possibilities are endless!



We’d like to introduce Mike, WTF Chef and WTF Gym’s April's Client of the Month for his hard work and dedication to reaching his goals. Weighing in at 320lbs at 50 years old, a normal day for Mike consisted of going to work at the diary farm slinging bags of powder, eating compulsively during meals and collapsing on the couch for the evening. His physical job drained every ounce of his energy. After years of yoyo dieting, losing and gaining weight back, he truly gave up hope to one day lose weight and keep it off. Although he was a type 2 diabetic, he didn’t pay too much attention to what he ate which caused his blood sugar levels to reach higher than 200 some days. He was headed down a path that made him feel much older than what he was. Threatened with a more invasive medication due to his diabetes and being told he will need to constantly watch his blood sugar levels he knew he needed to do something drastic for himself.

Mike began a low glycemic diet in September 2016. Every week he was losing up to 5 or 6lbs and feeling the difference in his clothes. The weight was melting off of him like never before. Every month that passed required a trip to the store to buy a smaller size in jeans and shirts. Two months in without setting a foot in the gym he shed 40lbs!

Originally Mike had zero interest in working out after being wiped out most days however, the increase in energy from eating right and desire to look better and gain more muscle led him to the gym. He’s putting in 3 days a week of cardio and weights, eating low glycemic meals 6 days a week while still enjoying his cheat day. Pancakes, pizza, pasta, french fries, ice cream and brownies are still apart of his life which helps him get through the week knowing he can still treat himself. His blood sugar is below 100 everyday, symptoms such as tingling in his toes and the sweats caused by his diabetes have disappeared and doctors are discussing taking him off all medication. His new lease on life makes him finally feel his age.

Mike’s has lost a total of 63lbs so far and plans to keep losing! We are honored to be apart of his successful journey and can’t wait to see what’s in the store for him. Congratulations Mike and thank you for being an inspiration to us all!




As a competitive bodybuilding athlete, making sure my meals are portioned and prepared correctly is a must. When I crossed paths with Pat at WTF Chef, I couldn't believe this service existed! It has made my competition prep so much easier. No more cooking, weighing, preparing meal after meal anymore. It's all done for me, all that I have to do is grab it and go, heat it for a few minutes and eat it :) Pat offers such a wide variety of foods too I never get bored with it. I recommend WTF Chef to everyone I know looking for help with nutrition or their competition needs!








I was struggling at an independent level of professional wrestling for 17yrs. At the age of 35 I knew if I wanted to achieve my goal of landing a full time contract with a major company I needed to level up. Long story short I got myself in the best shape of my life and reached my childhood dream in signing a deal and landing a job with TNA Impact Wrestling (a company that televises pro wrestling all over the world. I am constantly asked how I made the changes in my body that I did and my number one answer is always the WTF Chef meal plan service. It gave me the ability to follow my diet 7 days a week 24 hours a day. ESPECIALLY when being on the road 3-4 days a week traveling for wrestling. Another one of my favorite perks of the service is the time it saves you! It will allow you to spend more time with your family, invest in hobbies of your interest or just relax!! All while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All in all I cannot say enough good things about the WTF Chef service. Do yourself the favor and stop in to talk with the friendly staff and change your life for the better




I am writing this to share the success I have had with Pat Koch, “The WTF Chef”...
In June I had a quadruple bypass. It was a real eye opener and I decided if I wanted to live I was going to need to make some major changes in my life.
I have been over weight all of my life. No wait a minute that’s not entirely true, I have been obese all of my life and that need to change if I wanted to live.
In July my wife went on vacation in Canada with our children and their families. I was given clearance by my doctor to make the trip, but he told me I was not allowed to fish. I could not imagine a week at a lakeside cottage and not fishing. This would have caused me a great deal of stress so I decided to stay home.
When my wife returned she told me about the success our daughter’s brother-in-law was having with Pat’s program. It sounded too good to be true, but I decided I have been making bad choices all my life, and I was willing to give it a try.
I made one of the most important calls of my life and contacted Pat. He came to our house and explained, in detail, what his program was all about. I liked what he had to say so I started the next week.
Since I started eating Pat’s meals I have lost 58 lbs. and no longer need to take any medication or insulin for my type 2 diabetes. All of my doctors are amazed at my progress and have asked me for the info about Pat’s system. I gladly tell them, and anyone I know, about the program.
I still want to lose more weight even though my wife and children tell me I’ve lost enough already. Just before Christmas I was shooting to weight 196, this would mean that according to my BMI I would no longer be obese, I would just be overweight. On Dec. 23 I went to my doctor hoping I had reached 196, but I was only at 197, 1 lb. short of being overweight.
What happened next was amazing the doctor wanted to measure my height I said ok even though I have been 5’ 8” all of my adult life. It was hard to believe what the doctor said next, he said my height is 5’ 9”. I asked him how this could be that at 63 years old I had grown an inch. He explained that my weight had been compressing my spine all of my life.
Well that added inch was just what I needed to push me out of the obese category and now I’m happy to say I’m just overweight and weight less than when I was in 10th grade.
I’ve had to buy all new clothes and the other day my wife found my wedding ring on the living room floor so, I’ve even had to have my ring resized.
In closing I would like to thank Pat. I’m sure his plan has added many years to my life.


Taylor Sekuterski

My name is Taylor Sekuterski and I am one of the lucky individuals who has had the opportunity to meet and work with Chef Pat Koch of WTF Chef.
My entire life I have been an athlete with a very active lifestyle and didn't have weight issues what so ever. However, as I got older and sports slowed down after college, the weight slowly started to creep its way up. Unfortunately it's not something you see over night, so my bad eating habits continued on and on. Living on my own, my motivation level to cook meals for myself was minimal and I resided myself to eating out constantly. As you can imagine, that's a recipe for disaster and as the years went on so did the pounds.
I remember the day roughly 2 years ago, I overheard a conversation about Chef Pat and his operation. I thought to myself that it sounded like a good idea but didn't think it was anything I would be able to afford so I quickly dismissed it and moved on with my day. About a month later my life started to crumble in a multitude of ways both personal and professional and I had hit rock bottom. In desperate need of something to take my mind of everything that was going so wrong, I remembered hearing about Chef Pat. I called my friend who had spoke of him and quickly put me in touch with Pat. Pat was kind enough to come to my house and meet me and discuss his services. From day one, he was willing to help me with whatever I needed, which went far beyond just his food preparation.
I had found the light at the end of the dark tunnel and it was health and fitness. Chef Pat gave me something to look forward to every week with his meal service and gave me the attitude I needed to set goals for myself and keep moving forward. I saw immediate results with my change in eating habits. The combination of his food and education about what I put into my body allowed me to lose close to 90 lbs. in the course of a year. The beauty of it all is that I have kept the weight off and have continued to better myself. The knowledge that I have gained from him has allowed to me to have a completely fresh start at life and do things I never thought I would be able to do. I'm currently training for a fitness competition which is something I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would be able to do.
After Chef Pat helped me change my lifestyle, he also helped me professionally and let me start working for him. My new found passion for health and fitness was the perfect fit to begin a new career helping other people reach the same goals I was fortunate enough to reach. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to help people better themselves everyday and put smiles on their faces. I can't begin to say enough good things about Chef Pat personally, and about the amazing service that he has brought to Western New York!


A Life Changing Meal Plan: To say that I’m one of those lucky women who can eat whatever she wants and stay thin would be the farthest thing from the truth. I am the girl who’s been dieting since elementary school. Not only did I diet but I tried many extreme diets. I had what you call disordered eating since middle school. I learned how to count calories from my mom growing up. She would eat around 700 calories a day during her diets and write down everything she ate. As I watched her, my obsession with food grew.
Chef Pat’s meal plans changed all that for me. When I was a senior in college I stopped eating pretty much all together. I was down to 500 calories a day and 99 pounds. Over the years I managed to put the weight back on but I was constantly yo-yo dieting and a lot of the food I was eating, I was also purging. It’s embarrassing to share my story but I believe in this plan so much that I feel like it has to be shared. I heard about Chef Pat through a friend and immediately texted him asking him to take me on as a client with one stipulation – I wanted him to restrict my calories to 1200 a day (even that was a stretch for me). He called immediately and explained that he will never do that. He explained to me how I will lose weight once I cut sugar out of my diet. I was extremely skeptical. I figured I’d try it for a week and if I gained any weight at all I would just stop and go back to my protein shakes for dinner. At this point I had been dieting for months – eating around 800 calories a day, throwing up anything that I shouldn’t have been eating, and going to the gym about 4 days a week. On my own I had lost 5 pounds– after WEEKS of dieting.
As soon as I started eating his food, I noticed the pounds falling off. I lost 4 pounds my first week and was hooked. I’ve been eating Chef Pat’s cooking now for about 2 months. I’ve lost 13 pounds since I started, and for a girl my size that’s quite a bit. I’m down to 116 pounds and am not only looking thinner, but I’ve noticed a difference in my skin and my overall health. I would definitely recommend him to my friends – I already have! It’s not rocket science… it’s not starvation and it works!




I have struggled with weight issues for many years. As a physician, I should know what are good nutrients and what are bad calories. But with our diet becoming more concentrated with sugar, processing and fat, it is challenging to maintain one's weight.
Chef Pat is very knowledgeable in the area of low glycemic diets and its effects on weight loss with his food program. I have been on his food program for almost three months now and with his food and a regular exercise program, I have lost over 20 pounds so far.

I have faith in Chef Pat and his methods.




Over the past two years we’ve enjoyed working with Chef Pat Koch in support of our Annual Heart Ball. Chef Koch has generously offered his services, as a chef to several local celebrities, as an auction package to raise funds for critical cardiovascular research and education throughout Western New York.
As a professional chef serving several of our own Professional Level Athletes in Buffalo, his culinary services have brought high bidders each of the past two years. We’ve had positive reviews of his meal presentation and service to those who support our event.

Thanks Chef Pat for your continued support.

All the best,
Cronan Long
Executive Director
American Heart Association




I have used Chef Pat’s services for the past three years and each time he as prepared a meal it was outstanding. He is dedicated to his clients and takes great pride in his exceptional work. Regardless of the party size or their particular tastes, Chef Pat always comes through with a great meal that leaves everyone happy and satisfied.



Pat it's about time you applied your talents for your self. When I first met you at the fourth of July party you blew me away with that amazing food. The filet, pulled pork, chicken and all those sides I have never seen so much high quality food at a picnic before in my life!!!
Oh ya and when I said to you the only thing missing was the sweet potato fries and some how you pulled them out of the sky very impressive since then I had the privilege of many of your party’s and you always did a great job . I am so looking forward to the graduation party for my daughter this summer. Thanks for all the memories…



We have had Chef Pat Koch come to our house to cook for a party of 25 people. It was the most amazing thing to do!!! The meal was so delicious that my guest are still talking about it and want to do it again! Chef Pat made everything from appetizers to dinner to dessert…it was the easiest party to host!!! Chef Pat used his skills to come up with a meal that would please everyone and he succeeded!



I have struggled with weight my whole life and throughout the years I have tried every “Fad” diet plan you can imagine, with no success. Chef Pat has cooked a low glycemic diet for me for about 6 months now. The transformation I have experienced from his diet plan and exercise is amazing, I have lost close to 50 pounds and went from a size 54 waist to a size 46, and that’s just the beginning, I plan on losing another 50 by the end of 2014. I feel better than ever, I have more energy, his meals are convenient for my busy life style, but the best part is, is that I am enjoying what I eat. Chef Pat cooks with a variety of foods that are both healthy and flavorful so there is never a disappointing meal. He also cares so much about each one of his clients, he gets to know them personally, and he makes himself entirely available to discuss anything from week to week meals to cooking advice for when you’re ready to try it on your own. Pat has changed my life, and I highly recommend his service to anyone that has been struggling with their weight for years like me.